Equine Experiential Learning

“A horse will reflect exactly what you need to see about yourself. Are you brave enough to ask? Are you strong enough to listen? Are you humble enough to learn?”

Professional Development

A fast track to change that goes beyond traditional training programs. Interactive • Engaging • Insightful • and ultimately Transformative.  Identify unproductive patterns that may work against your professional objectives, uncover strengths, and learn to recognize new opportunities.

  • Increase efficiency
  • Development mindful leadership skills
  • Reduce staff burnout and turnover
  • Create problem solving strategies
  • Achieve professional excellence
  • Develop conflict resolution skills
  • Improve teamwork and morale
  • Build trust and commitment
  • Enhance communication and accountability


  • A comprehensive needs assessment
  • Custom arena activities based on identified goals
  • Debriefing of sessions and development of concrete action plans
  • Follow up workshop summary report

Personal Development

Interaction with horses will mirror real life patterns, providing a platform for growth and learning. The horse’s direct and non-judgmental feedback allows clients to identify unproductive patterns, uncover strengths, and create positive change.

  • Uncover your strength
  • Create a balanced life
  • Improve relationships
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Establish effective boundaries
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Remove obstacles that block you
  • Develop strategies to manage emotions
  • Overcome trauma and loss
  • Improve job/school performance


  • Clinical social worker and equine specialist as facilitators
  • Comprehensive needs assessment
  • Selective arena activities to address objectives
  • Debriefing to connect arena session to real life issues
  • Coordination with treatment providers

Professional Staff

Deirdre Hamling
Deirdre HamlingOwner and Operator, Raven Hills Farms; CEO Equi-Power Solutions
As a lifelong equestrian and former Top Major Account Manager and Training Manager for Dun & Bradstreet and TRW, Deirdre has combined her deep-rooted passion for horses with her skills in corporate education to provide the ultimate training for companies seeking to enhance their leadership skills and team building dynamics. Deirdre is a member of EAGALA and is certified in E3A by the Equine Experiential Association.
Bonnie Malajian, MSW, ACSW, LCSW
Bonnie Malajian, MSW, ACSW, LCSWDeveloper and Facilitator, Equine Growth and Learning Programs
Bonnie has over 35 years of clinical experience. She develops, directs, and facilitates equine growth and learning programs for corporate staff development and personal growth and healing sessions. She incorporates her lifelong appreciation of the horse-human connection. Bonnie is certified through The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) and The Equine Experiential Association (E3A).

Horses are honest teachers, with personalities as varied as humans. Therefore, they react differently to each person and action. It is for this reason a horse is able to sense our intentions when we ask the horse to perform an unmounted task. They can recognize honesty and integrity. They will guide the learning to uncover what needs to be experienced.

Facilitators design solution-oriented activities based on defined goals and connecting  the metaphors that emerge to real life situations.

“The biggest problem in the corporate world is that we don’t live in the present,” she said. “When we come to the workplace, we bring in grudges and things from the past and worries about the future. Horses live in the present. They don’t hold grudges. They’re happy to try something new, unlike many of us who remain stuck in the past. Living in the present works for horses. I think it works for humans, too.” – Marie Claude



Note: All of our programs include an interactive, on-the-ground Equine Experience at the beautiful and private stables at Raven Hill Farms, Florida, NY. No prior horse experience is necessary.

The staff of Equi-Power Solutions is certified and adheres to the high professional standards of the EAGALA  model of equine assisted programs. We are certified to provide programs for productive corporate development, authentic leadership and effective team performance by TAAC who provide equine assisted programs for the organizations listed at right.